Write, believe in your work… and publish!

I published my first novella on Amazon in October 2017, and the next a couple of months later. And then I sat back and waited for them to fly off the shelves… which, of course, they didn’t! I cannot believe how naive I was.

I didn’t have any cash to spend on professional editing, or for a cover, or to have the manuscript formatted for upload. So, I relied upon friends and family members to read and help me edit the books; I designed the covers myself, using free online tools; I watched endless videos explaining how to format a manuscript for a Kindle ebook. And I did succeed, albeit in a scruffy kind of way.

Since then I have re-edited both books, replaced the covers, and created paperback versions. And I have added a non-fiction book and three short reads to my list. Whilst it’s fair to say that I’m unlikely to giving up my ‘day job’ anytime soon, sales are gradually increasing!

Throughout the process I have learned so much, aided by all of those writers and publishers who take the time to make really helpful YouTube videos and write great articles!  This website was originally called something else and was all about something completely different… but I wanted to convert it into something that I am really interested in… writing and publishing. So, here we are. I intend to share my experiences and ‘aha’ moments, as I have them… and I am sure that others will also share theirs with me. I chose ‘write-believe-publish.com’ because that is what we aspiring/developing authors need to do: write, believe in ourselves and our work… and publish!

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