Contemporary short reads

You Wear It Well

A biker falls in love… but his ex has other plans! A humorous and fast-paced story about love, lies, heartache – and new beginnings! Kindle Edition£0.99


Venus Lombardi, lean, mean, biker queen, is not the kind of girl a guy takes home to his mother… and she is not the kind of girl to let Nick go, either, no matter how hard he tries to escape her clutches. So, he’s tired of her tantrums and the fact that she’s got to have the attention of every bloke within a 100-mile radius? Well, that doesn’t mean that he can just jump onto that s***heap of a motorbike and ride off, straight into the arms of a goody-two-shoes blonde marshmallow. Nick might be a really nice guy – and good-looking too – but he soon learns that taking the coward’s way out isn’t such a good idea after all… as he loses everything that he’s gained, in the most heartbreaking way. However, love hasn’t completely abandoned him and throws a second chance his way – with a bit of help from a couple of interfering friends… and Rod Stewart! Modern, fast-paced biker rom-com about love, lies, heartache – and new beginnings! 105 pages. Contains strong language.

Ask No Questions

A short story about one man, three women… and a sudden opportunity for lucrative revenge! Amazon Kindle Edition – £0.99


So, what does a girl do when she discovers that her ‘separated’ lover is still involved with his wife? And what does she do when she realises that he is also enjoying the delights of a younger, leggy lover? Well, as it turns out, she doesn’t actually have to do very much at all… except to be in the right place at the right time, where fate will present her with the perfect opportunity for a most lucrative form of revenge! A short read, 21 pages, contains strong language.

Don’t Tell Your Father

A short story about a frightened boy, a vicious, bullying father… and a strange little sister who knows exactly what she needs to do. Amazon Kindle Edition – £0.99


Jamie Martin is terrified of his bullying father and can expect little help from his anxious, beaten-down mother. Once again, Frank Martin has uprooted his family, and from the one place in which they were finally beginning to feel safe and settled. However, Jamie has an ally in his much-loved, inscrutable little sister, who appears to have no fear at all of their father… and he envies her lack of fear, and the almost detached way in which she responds to both parents and all of the ongoing family dramas. It’s like Alice just seems to ‘get’ things, to understand stuff that he doesn’t – and she knows exactly what she needs to do, when the moment is right… A short read, 22 pages, contains strong language.

Tattoo Revenge

A short story about a guy who got exactly what he believed he deserved… plus a whole lot more! Amazon Kindle Edition – £0.99


When a raven-haired, leggy beauty wandered into Marcus Benzoli’s luxury car showroom, he licked his lips as he imagined his manicured fingers eagerly exploring her streamlined chassis. And he couldn’t believe his luck when it emerged that she wasn’t exactly shy… that she liked playing certain ‘games’ – as long as she was in control. However, sometimes we need to be very careful about what we wish for: we just might get it… and then wish to God that we hadn’t. A quick read; contains some adult content and strong language, 15 pages.

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