Self-employed? Are difficult customers holding you back? Don’t be afraid to trim!

My own business journey has been a long one, and I have had to grow, and grow up, in so many different ways. I have had to take criticism on board (sometimes rather grudgingly, I am afraid), consistently review and refine my delivery, whilst continuing to reassess exactly what it is all about; in my role as an intuitive consultant, I offer a service rather than a product, and I need to be absolutely rock solid in my mind about the nature and purpose of that service… which isn’t always as easy as it sounds!

I am also a self-published writer (though not one who is getting rich anytime soon!), and that journey has been a massive learning curve. Currently, I haven’t attracted a single critical 1-star review on Amazon, but that is because I haven’t yet risen above the level of the writing-world-bottom-dweller… but hopefully, it will come, when I have more books out there and have worked on making myself more visible! All of the greats have their outspoken critics, and I believe that it is an unavoidable part of the journey toward success. So, even though I am incredibly grateful for my 5-star reviews, there ain’t any laurels being rested upon around here! Continue reading “Self-employed? Are difficult customers holding you back? Don’t be afraid to trim!”

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